How to Booking?

How to Booking?

BOOKING: To proceed with a reservation, the guest should supply the specific amount of people visiting, as well as the expected days and duration of the visit.

To hold or confirm a reservation, the client most pay in advance 20% of the total final price. This payment should be made as soon as possible through a direct deposit or electronic transference into the services provider’s bank account, or through Western Union.

This reservation fee will be used to secure the accommodation and to coordinate and arrange all the logistic regarding the resources and services needed for the trip; staff, food, transportation, etc.

The final Payment (the other 80%) must be provided to the service provider in Padang before the guests departures to the Mentawai Islands. Payment should be done preferably in Indonesian Rupiahs. The 20% reservation fee (deposit) will not be return to the guest if there is a cancellation before the final booking.

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