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Climbing Mount Singgalang,West Sumatra

Mount Singgalang can be taken from several points. However, the famous path is through the village and Clever New Koto Sikek. From the village of New Koto we will take the route to the village of Sikek Cleaver. From this village a starting point towards Tower (RCTI and TVRI transmitter located in the mountain belt Singgalang). Towards this transmitter Tower we will pass the uphill paved road, the closer to the tower of his road is not good and full of pebbles and on the left and right side of his farm population there. Brush Smart Village is also famous for its sugar and place it saka (brown sugar).

Having arrived at the Tower transmitters we can make this area as a resting place (shelter) before continuing the journey to the summit. From the tower, we are going through the woods pimpiang about 1 hour. These forests consist of tall plants pimpiang and ducked, so requires climbers to walk down, and even to sit and crawl. But now, through the woods easier, because the top of the plants had been cut so we do not have to duck again passed.

After passing pimpiang we will find a place called “Eye Water I”, in this place downward we will find that the river to get water supplies.

From the spring I’ll , with an average slope of about 45 degrees. Getting to the top we will find many beautiful trees and ferns through the tracks a slightly moist and dense forests. On the left or right track we find the electric poles and wires that can be used as a guide to get to the top. But for some people, this is very disturbing. The beauty in the broken forest with views of the electric poles on both sides, not to mention the fad will calculate approximately how pole again until you reach the top, ehehehe

Travel route before the rock normally takes around 5 hours depending on fast or the slow movement of our journey. From the rock to the summit takes about 1 hour. Rock consists of yellow solid rocks, overgrown beard and Rhododendron trees mountains, and occasionally we would see interest edelweis although very rare and require a keen eye to find it.

From this rock, we can see the view out toward the mountains Marapi located right in front. If lucky, we could see the town of Padang Panjang, Bukittinggi, and the lake from the rock Festival. However, during the day, the mountain is often shrouded in mist Singgalang. If you want to get a better view of the exotic setting up camp in the rock and watch the sunrise and other exotic sights in the morning.

After passing the rock, we will re-enter the forest area is more humid and the trees are covered in thick moss. Not long after that we got to the Lake Goddess. Pond Goddess is often shrouded in mist. If you are fond of photography, when the lake was clear, the sooner the better to get a picture, because the fog was very friendly to play there.

Around the lake this Goddess does not take a long time, but the charm of a truly exotic experience and will make us comfortable to linger in the humid forest and wet. Around this lake we see the forest very thick moss and some plants IN PLANTS.

Camp area located around the pond and lake water that can be used to make comfortable the need for several days in Singgalang. The atmosphere is cool and quiet is a special thrill for people who want to take off fatigue in the wild.

Many who arrived at the Singgalang only until the lake goddess alone. But there’s more Singgalang peak at around half to 1 hour menunju peak. At its peak, we will find the transmitter tower is the estuary of the electric poles found along the road.

height : 2877 mdpl.
• Position : Tanah Datar Distrik and Agam District, West Sumatra
Characteristics : inactive volcano , covered in tropical rainforest , climbing steep tracks and there are 2  lake in the summit area .

climbing lane :

* Koto Baru (Pandai Sikek)
Start Point : Station Transmition RCTI Pandai Sikek. Normal 6 -hour long ascent

* Balingka
Titik Start : desa Panambatan, Balingka. Long Ascent normal 8 Hour.

* Toboh (Kenagarian Malalak)
Potint Star : Jorong Toboh Kenagarian Malalak. Long Ascent 12 Hour.

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Schedule Climbing Mount Singgalang, West  Sumatra

Day Time Aktivity
1 14.00 Gathered in  Koto Baru Vilage ( from the airport to the village of Koto Baru and lunch
15.00 – 17.00 Go to Pintu Rimba Mount Singgalang
17.00 – 18.00 Camp
18.00 – 20.00 Dinner
20.00 – 22.00 Free program and rest
2 07.00 – 08.00 Breakfast
08.00 – 09.00 Packing
09.00 – 16.00 Trekking to Cadas Singgalang (Lunch at 12.00)
16.00 – 17.00 Camp in Cadas Singgalang
17.00 – 20.00 Rest and Dinner
20.00 – 22.00 Free program and rest
3 05.00 Wake up
05.30 Hunting Photo (Sunrise)
06.00. – 08.00 Breakfast
08.00 – 09.00 toward to Telaga Dewi Mount Singgalang
09.00 – 10.00 Hunting Fhoto and sipping hot coffee break at Telaga Dewi
10.00 – 11.00 Back To Camp
11.00 – 16.00 lunch , packing supplies and back down to the foot of the mountain and into the Koto Baru Village
16.00 – 18.00 shower, eat and rest
18.00 return to home areas – each ( towards airport ) ( me / continue to the next program .

Mentawai Tribe Siberut Islands

Meet the Mentawai Tribes

Take a trip into the wild & immerse yourself in ancestral practices and traditions. Discover heavy spiritual semi-nomadic hunter-gatherer people who have chose to continue living their traditional tribal lifestyle.

The Mentawai lifestyle should be of interest to almost every society for it contains elements of hunter-gatherer, animal husbandry and subsistence level settled farming traditions; all of these forms of existence are at the roots of every contemporary scociety. However traditional Mentawai communities can not be reduced only to a lens on the yesterday of our modern technological societies, they are also an example a sophisticated socialization that balances subsistence with a unique pattern of family well being, in essence a window on a potential tomorrow. Dr Philip Cook, University of Victoria, BC. Canada

If you can move beyond the perception of the Mentawai as only «primitive», then you may be able to appreciate a culture whose veneration of the child, centrality of healing, and the emphasis placed on a rich web of connectivity linking the individual to his or her clan and community, ancestors of the past and future, as well as the spirit of creation manifest in the natural cycle of daily life in the rainforest, makes our own lives seem narrow & disconnected. Dr Philip Cook, University of Victoria, BC. Canada

The Mentawai People have lived for centuries on their unique Archipelago of Islands, now reduced to a few settlements on the southern tip of Siberut Island, they still have a strong traditional lifestyle though their future is threatened by external forces such as logging, introduced diseases, and large scale settlement of Non Mentawai due to economic and population pressures in other parts of Indonesia.

Is giving money a mere means of easing our western conscience? Money is an inevitable part of modern life, even for these tribes. We give them money for experiencing their life, but our aim is to help them use this money to preserve their culture. Have some chats with your guide along that week, as you will be staying in his family & friends’ houses, he will help you to understand the situation more deeply. He is the son of tribes’ people.

Mentawai, one of Indonesian islands, with its millions of beauty, inhabited by one ethnic people, Mentawai, having tattoes all over their bodies. Its exotism and the existence of endangered primate, called pigtail monkey, dwarf siamang and beruk that live wildly and freely side to side with the people in a traditional house inhabited by group of people. Prepare yourself for for the unlimited experiences. You will definitely enjoy!

1. Mentawai jungle trekking 5 day / 4 night

Day 1 :  Padang – siberut – muntei village ( L. D )

The journey will start  from padang at 07 ;00 am by local ferry, our journey will take approximately 5 hours ( including transit 1 hour at Sikabaluan nort Siberut ) when arrived in south Siberut ( port ) we will  go through to muntei village, take a rest. In that village we will to walk around  to the beach and meet local people then stay one night in local house.

Day 2 until day 4 daily activities in the jungle with mentawai clan( B.L.D )
After break fast and preparing some stuff, at 10:00 am  we will start our journey by boat (wooden boat) to cross scenic jungle river, after we reached trekk  point we’ll trekking  to reach mentawai clan house. During these days we will stay in mentawai long house in the jungle for daily activities to knowing their culture, tradition and how they life in the jungle. The activities that we do is mentawai local activities with the shamans and also the family member in the jungle.

 Day 5 heading back to siberut – padang ( B. L. D )
We will do short trekk to the river and boat will pick up , then we straight away to muntai village for transit, take a rest and lunch. After lunch we will go to harbor catch the ferry and come back to Padang.
*( B L D : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner )

2. Mentawai jungle trekking 4 day / 3 night

Programs :
Day 1: Padang – Siberut
The journey start at 07:00 pm from bungus bay by slow ferry to Siberut, and overnight in boat sleep in the cabin ( with air con shared room ). when we arrived in mailepet port estimated 07:00 am take the motor canoe to cross scenic jungle river before trekking to mentawai clan house, arrived at mentawai clan house take rest and lunch. Then doing activities with the mentawai shaman in the jungle at 05:00 pm back to the “uma” and dinner.

Day 2  daily activities and mentawai tribe
After breakfast, 10:00 pm preparing do mentawai daily activities in the jungle, kind of that activities In the form of daily life about their culture, traditions in the jungle, like how to processing sago as mentawai primer food, finding some materials in the jungle with shaman then processing become mentawai traditional posion for hunting. At 05:00 pm Back to the “uma” take rest and dinner.

Day 3 move to next another clan
Wake up in the morning, after breakfast and prepare our belongings, at 10:00 we will start do trekking back to river then take the canoe straight up to the river, after we reached trekk point, we will do trekking to next another clan ( uma), take rest lunch and prepare next activities. Go to the jungle with shaman with the family and doing mentawai local activities. Back to the uma, making mentawai traditional bracelet and 07:00 pm prepare for dinner. At the night free programs.

Day 4 go back to Padang
After breakfast and packing 09:00 am we will do short trekking to river and boat will pick up then go back to village. after transit in the village we heading back to Padang by fast ferry, estimated arrived in padang at 07:00 pm.

3. Mentawai jungle life 3 day / 2 night

Day 1 : Padang – Muara siberut – mentawai clan house ( B. L. D)
The journey will start from Padang at 07:00 am to siberut by local ferry, our journey will take approximately 5 hour directly to mailepet port, when we reached  we will transit for couple hours in muntei village. After lunch and preparing some stuff we gona cross river and do some trekking to reach the Shaman house.

Day 2 : Daily activities in jungle
In the morning we would do some trekking and doing local activities with mentawai clan in the jungle, then procced to lunch time and come back again to the jungle to do some more activities.

Day 3 : Siberut – Padang
After breakfast, we will hike back to river, and boat will ride back to Muntei village. After we arrived at Muntei village,  we take rest and after lunch going back to Padang.

The price includes:
– Picking up in airport and return
– transfort from airport to guest house then guest house to harbour then guest house to airport
– Ticket ferry boat return and travel permit in Mentawai
– Accomodation staying at local people’s house
– Meals in staying at local people’s house
-guide + porter trekking
– transfort from harbour mentawai to local people’s house
– transfort from local people’s house to harbour mentawai
-stay guest house in padang return

The price not includes:
– flight to Padang
– Tipp
– insurance
– Visa

Things needed to be prepared:
– Daypack and backpack
– Shoes and Sandal for tracking
– Personal medicine
– Camera or handycam for documentation
– Flashlight and back up battery

Grade Trip     : Medium – Hard
Duration     :  days  nights
Time          : Anytime

speed Boat Padang – Siberut : Tuesday and Saturday, 07.00am
speed Boat Siberut – Padang : Tuesday and Saturday, 06.00pm
The schedule for speed boat can sometimes be changed without prior notice depending on the weather.

contact me:
or +6281374006060

Padang Tour

day 1
“If you are interested to get in touch with the nature during a short hike (about 1 1/2hours) you definitly should meet this place. You’ll see 3 beautiful waterfalls. Enjoy a nice backview while hiking and there’s not a single Person when you arrive at the waterfalls. At this time, this is a verry unknown place. You’ll reach the first waterfall (a small one) after 20 minutes hiking. From there, it takes about 20-30 minutes to get to the second. Clean water, high waterfalls, awesome nature 🙂! To get to the third one it takes again about 30 minutes. Enjoy your time!

days 2

“At the second day, we did a tour to a really unknown village by bike (like trekking with the bike =D) i don’t know the name of the village but it was awesome! We also visited a school and the student kids had never seen a european guy before. It was such a nice experience to see the home of the local people, the nature, the school, ricefields etc.”

days 3

At the thirdays  ( cool atmosphere, swim, chill out, ride to the nearby three levels water falls, a short easy trek will lead to the first level, the next two levels are more difficult to reach, the view over Bungus bay is beautiful.(2) Sungai Pisang & Sungai Pinang (  you end up overlooking the stunning area of Kawasan Wisata Mandeh which gathers some beautiful little green islands offering perfect white sandy beaches; typical fishermen villages where time has stopped, surroundings hide many small sandy beaches.(3) Surfing west sumatera ( Air Manis Beach offers some perfect mellow beach breaks for beginners usually cleaned by an early morning off shore wind; rent a bike, 15 minutes, one way, be aware that waters are not yet turquoise blue as any western eyes would imagine(!), rent a proper beginner surfboard

days 4

At the fourdays ( Parsumbahan Island, Sikuai Island and Sironjong Island. In Pagang Island)

South Padang gathers numerous small islands, uncrowded white sandy beaches & turquoise blue waters are all yours, lay on the beach, sunbath, snorkel.From our private wooden pier in Bungus Bay, get on our local wooden speedboat, it is about 1 hours distance to Pagang Island. on the way We are passing Parsumbahan Island, Sikuai Island and Sironjong Island. In Pagang Island before snorkling start for warming up on the beach, you will see corals and fish arround while snorkling. Another activities we can do such  on the beach, fishing, walking arround Island,

tour 4 days  Padang,west sumatera
Padang to airport
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