Still available surf camp Mentawai ?

If you are in Indonesia and want to surf the most perfect waves in the world with barely anyone around, send us a message as we have great specials for this year. Thanks so much to all of you for the support throughout these tough times. Now, we see the light again at the end of the wave’s barrel.
I mannage  different Surf Camps located in surf camp siberut on ( south Masokut island) Surf Camp Sipora on ( north sipora and  on katiet south sipora) surf camp pagai on (south) so which are already opened and waiting for surfers to come.
I also sell all inclusive packages that are very convenient, which include all the logistic in transportation (airport pick ups, all land tranportation, ferry, island to island boat, etc) as well overstays in Padang so you have no hassle or issues coordinating your jouney to us. If you want the all inclusive package, you just have to let me know how many days are you planning to stay and how many guests are coming with you, so I can send you price.