day 1
“If you are interested to get in touch with the nature during a short hike (about 1 1/2hours) you definitly should meet this place. You’ll see 3 beautiful waterfalls. Enjoy a nice backview while hiking and there’s not a single Person when you arrive at the waterfalls. At this time, this is a verry unknown place. You’ll reach the first waterfall (a small one) after 20 minutes hiking. From there, it takes about 20-30 minutes to get to the second. Clean water, high waterfalls, awesome nature 🙂! To get to the third one it takes again about 30 minutes. Enjoy your time!

days 2

“At the second day, we did a tour to a really unknown village by bike (like trekking with the bike =D) i don’t know the name of the village but it was awesome! We also visited a school and the student kids had never seen a european guy before. It was such a nice experience to see the home of the local people, the nature, the school, ricefields etc.”

days 3

At the thirdays  ( cool atmosphere, swim, chill out, ride to the nearby three levels water falls, a short easy trek will lead to the first level, the next two levels are more difficult to reach, the view over Bungus bay is beautiful.(2) Sungai Pisang & Sungai Pinang (  you end up overlooking the stunning area of Kawasan Wisata Mandeh which gathers some beautiful little green islands offering perfect white sandy beaches; typical fishermen villages where time has stopped, surroundings hide many small sandy beaches.(3) Surfing west sumatera ( Air Manis Beach offers some perfect mellow beach breaks for beginners usually cleaned by an early morning off shore wind; rent a bike, 15 minutes, one way, be aware that waters are not yet turquoise blue as any western eyes would imagine(!), rent a proper beginner surfboard

days 4

At the fourdays ( Parsumbahan Island, Sikuai Island and Sironjong Island. In Pagang Island)

South Padang gathers numerous small islands, uncrowded white sandy beaches & turquoise blue waters are all yours, lay on the beach, sunbath, snorkel.From our private wooden pier in Bungus Bay, get on our local wooden speedboat, it is about 1 hours distance to Pagang Island. on the way We are passing Parsumbahan Island, Sikuai Island and Sironjong Island. In Pagang Island before snorkling start for warming up on the beach, you will see corals and fish arround while snorkling. Another activities we can do such  on the beach, fishing, walking arround Island,

tour 4 days  Padang,west sumatera
Padang to airport
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